Dam Yeo Wool ran to find Choi Kang Chi but stops when she sees him transforming.  In her thoughts, she did not believe monk Sujong’s predictions – she should avoid meeting the man fated to her lest one of them might die.  But now that she sees Choi Kang Chi becoming a gumiho, the future becomes more uncertain.  Shocked Yeo Wool is running away from the site when she bumps into Gon.

Choi Kang Chi transforms to a mythical creature and leaves all the guards around him lifeless. All he wants is to save Chung Jo but he falls on the ground and lost consciousness.

Park Cheong Jo wakes up when the carriage halts – in front of the gisaeng house.  When she meets head gisaeng Chung Soo Ryun , Park Cheong Jo refuses to come in stating she would rather die than become a gisaeng.  With these statements, head gisaeng remembers Yoon Seo Hwa, a noblewoman who was sold as gisaeng just like Cheong Jo.  And just like Seo Hwa, Soo Ryun orders Cheong Jo to be stripped and tied on the shame tree without food and drink for days without her instruction.

At the academy, Yeo Wool reports about what she witnessed – that Kang Chi transformed and has become a different creature.  Master Dam Pyeong Joon remembers what transpired to Wol Ryung and Seo Hwa two decades ago.  Gon shares they investigated that all dead bodies bear claw marks. He volunteers to kill Kang Chi to avoid more problems in the future.

But the Admiral suggests they should bring him in to the academy since Park Moo Sol thinks of him as a son.  Yeo Wool agrees and tells her father that decision should not be done easily.  But before a decision has been made, Yeo Wool was asked to leave the meeting.  Outside, Yeo Wool confronts Gon that he has become hardhearted. Gon explains that Kang Chi is no longer human.  But Yeo Wool insists that they should understand how did Kang Chi get into such situation and become such creature.
Gon answered his only responsibility is Dam Yeo Wool and her father to which the young lady retorted that this is the reason why she thinks of him as a wall- a cold wall - because the only thing he could think of is his master’s orders.  Then Gon asks if Yeo Wool has feelings for Kang Chi. Yeo Wool denies it saying the man has saved her life - twice.

Master Dam Pyeong Joon shares what happened 20 years ago with Wol Ryung, Seo Hwa and Jo Kwan Woong.  The Admiral believes it would be wise to keep the child on their side because once Bi Jo discovers the strength of Kang Chi, he will be obsessed with the latter’s power and might use it in his vicious plans.

The following morning, Choi Kang Chi wakes up in the middle of the forest with body aching all over.  Then he remembers the horrible incident prompting him to check the site where it happened.  But there was no victim on the site leaving him to think if it was real or just an imagination.

Then Sojung appears from behind.  He explains to Kang Chi about his father’s identity – a mythical creature that protected the forest for a thousand years – while her mother is a human being, which makes him half mythical creature and half human.  But Kang Chi refused to accept all these facts about him. Initially, he thinks Sujong is making fun of him.  With his temper, he suddenly grabbed Sojung’s collar as he transforms but when he sees his hands changing, Kang Chi stops.
Sojung tells Kang Chi that he should know better because the pain he went through when he transformed still exists within him. Sujong said if Kang Chi just followed his instructions, he could have stayed human when he turns 20.  For the meantime, Sujong orders Kang Chi to stay at the Moonlight Garden.  He begs Sojung to help him to return to what he used to be.  Yeo Wool witnessed all these revelations making her weak and down on her knees.

Meanwhile, Park Cheong Jo is getting weaker as days pass by.  She is wondering why no one has come to rescue her.  Then she wakes up in a room with food offered to her.  As she eats the porridge, the head gisaeng tells her that eating the food means she is accepting the fact that she has been sold as gisaeng.  Tears roll down her food as Park Cheong Jo proceeds with her food.

At the Moonlight Garden, Yeo Wool sees Sujong giving Kang Chi some food but the latter refused to eat.  It has been four days since his last meal.  Kang Chi gets mad when someone hit his nape but when he turns to see who it is, his angry expression turns surprised when he sees Yeo Wool!
When asked how did she get in the garden, Yeo Wool tells Kang Chi that she followed them and she heard everything from the start.  She adds that she doesn’t mind that Kang Chi’s eyes are green.  It is just color.
But Kang Chi still rejects the food saying he’d rather starve to death.  And there goes another deserving hit on the head!  Kang Chi argues that he has become a monster and that is not a minor thing.  But Yeo Wool sees it on a positive note.  He is still alive and he can stay at the garden for a thousand years if he wants but he won’t be able to find the answers to become human again. She added that as a victim, Kang Chi must have been scared and shocked.  But despite everything, she understands and he is still Choi Kang Chi.

The appearance may have changed but Yeo Wool stressed that the important thing is what’s inside him and it will always be Choi Kang Chi. With his power and strength, Kang Chi doesn’t know if he is still the old Choi Kang Chi or if he has become a monster that recently transformed.
But Yeo Wool thinks he is still human saying he wouldn’t be confused if he is a monster.  With this, the color of Kang Chi’s eyes turned black as he looks at Yeo Wool.  However, in a split second - just as Kang Chi’s thoughts and emotions change -  his eyes returned to its mythical shade.

Sojung, who is just watching the two, remembers her prediction about Yeo Wool.

At the Hundred Year Inn, Jo Kwan Woong arrives with his entourage.  The chief of police announces that he is the new owner of Hundred Year Inn and everyone will be his subject including the criminals who were sent to come forward. 
Among the criminals include Lady Yoon who lambast Jo Kwan Woong for his venomous actions.  Lady Yoon even curse and belittles Bi Jo.  Enraged, Jo Kwan Woong takes a sword near him and aims it at Lady Yoon’s neck to shut her up. 
But instead, Lady Yoon holds the blade and stabs herself while cursing Jo Kwan Woong.  A more infuriated Bi Jo pulls out the sword from Lady Yoon and slashed her! 

Yeo Wool wants to run to the cave when Kang Chi screams but Sujong stops her saying she should not interfere because it is and only Kang Chi’s fight.  He adds that the human is fighting the mythical creature and that he will soon find his fate.  Yeo Wool clarifies to Sujong that Kang Chi has a girl he likes.  Inside the cave, memories flood Kang Chi’s head.  In one instance, he begs for help.  Then he hears Yeo Wool calling his name and telling him to endure it.  But the human in him soon lost in the battle.  Sujong advises Yeo Wool to leave the Moonlight Garden for it will not be safe for her.
Yeo Wool, after went missing for four days, returns to the academy seeking for help to save Kang Chi, who on the other hand, is the mythical creature currently in a revenge mode.  Sujong couldn’t stop him.

In the middle of the night, Kang Chi sees a reward poster of him as a murder suspect.  Then Gon blocks his path.  He tells Gon that he doesn’t want to fight him, same thing with Gon but he is just following orders from Yeo Wool.  A fight ensues between them.  Since he is a half mythical creature, Kang Chi can overpower Gon but Sujong managed to throw the bracelet back to Kang Chi, making him more human again.

At the gisaeng house, Wol San has called Chung Jo and orders to follow her.  She sends Chung Jo to a room where Jo Gwan Woong is resting.  One of the assistants immediately reported that she saw Chung Jo following Wol San.  The head gisaeng confronts Wol San, who just slapped Cheong Jo for wanting to return to her room.  The head gisaeng tells her assistant to send the still uneducated gisaeng to her room.

Kang Chi is tied up and when Yeo Wool asks his father what to do with him, Master Dam Pyeong Joon tells everyone to hand him over to the police.

The following day, Kang Chi is facing the chief of police who asks him about his crime.  But Kang Chi tells them that he knows nothing.  The chief of police tells him that he committed three crimes – murder of Park Moo Sol, freeing prisoners and killing guards.
Kang Chi challenges the chief of police saying he will accept these charges and will give more than his life only If he can kill the one who accused Lord Park with treason – Jo Kwan Woong.

Jo Kwan Woong appears on the side asking Kang Chi what is the thing that is more than his life.  Kang Chi answers back that it is his determination to kill him.   Jo Kwan Woong insinuates that it is probably more than his determination, poking his bracelet.  Then he invites Kang Chi to be his subordinate but to no avail.  Since they find him bold and disrespectful, the chief of police orders Kang Chi’s immediate execution but Naval Commander Admiral Lee Soon Sin arrives to save his subordinate – Choi Kang Chi.

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