THE HEIRS/ Inheritors Episode 2

Cha Eun Sang is running away from her sister’s house after a group of rowdy young men try to make fun of her while she was at the porch.  She is walking along the pavement with her luggage when a car stops beside her.  She turns and sees the handsome young man who sent her home and even helped her for the past few hours.  He is Kim Tan. A wealthy heir sent in the US to “study” but in reality was exiled.
Kim Tan asks poor girl Cha Eun Sang if she wants to come to his house.  Still in fear, Eun Sang asks if his house is safer.  Kim Tan explains he doesn’t know if his house is safer but boasts it nicer than where they are.  Then he asks her once more. 

In the next scene, Kim Tan opens the door of his house.  Behind him is Cha Eun Sang who is dumbfounded seeing a beautiful, white-themed, high-ceilinged house, accentuated by a staircase from the entrance at the second floor down to the ground floor with automatic blinds and earth-colored furnitures.  Seeing Kim Tan drops his bag on the couch and walks in a hallway, Cha Eun Sang carries her luggage down.  Kim Tan returns from the kitchen with a lime drink then sits on the couch.  Eun Sang asks if he is not living with his family to which Kim Tan asks what is wrong with living alone. 
Eun Sang suddenly questions Kim Tan thinking whether he is a drug-dealer or working on anything illegal.  She asks what he does for a living then follows it with honorific address.  Surprised with this sudden inquiry, Kim Tan asks Eun Sang if she is convinced that he is a drug dealer.  The young lady thinks that he is well-acquainted with the police and his friend is someone who seems to inhale something that looks like powder.  Kim Tan agrees.
  However, the playful guy stands up and asks why Eun Sang thinks that he is just selling drugs.  He also asks if Eun Sang thinks that the person who took her passport is a real cop. 
Stepping closer to Eun Sang who now walks backward to evade him, he asks the young woman if she still have two kidneys!  Eun Sang warns him but as Kim Tan walks towards her, she gets trapped on a wall!  Kim Tan leans forward and smirks. 
Then he announces it will be Eun Sang’s room and call him if she needs anything.  Then he opens the door behind Eun Sang before he leaves.   Inside her room, Eun Sang is massaging her legs when she remembers what transpired in the afternoon between her and her sister.  Then her tummy grumbles.  It turns out that other than what she had on the plane; Eun Sang had not eaten anything yet. 
Slowly, Eun Sang walks in the dark towards the kitchen.  Little did she know Kim Tan had seen her and even checks on her later in the kitchen.  When he turns on the lights, he asks her what she is doing in the dark. Embarrassed, Eun Sang apologizes and reveals she is only eating those expired. 
She even paid for one of the non-expired lime drink.  Kim Tan checks what she ate and asks what life she has that she had to eat expired food.  When she turns around, Kim Tan calls her attention.  He asks where she is going and if she is not going to clean up her mess.  Kim Tan is intently staring at Eun Sang who is now cleaning up the kitchen table.  She asks Kim Tan how do they recycle, but the young man reveals he doesn’t know.  He suddenly asks for her name or what people call her.   But instead,
Eun Sang says she wasn’t able to say it earlier but she is thankful to him for giving a place to stay.   Kim Tan replies that her name is quite long.  Seeing Eun Sang will not give her name, Kim Tan shares she should not be thankful because it wasn’t act of kindness but a compensation for the bean powder which exploded at the beach when it was stolen by his naughty friend Jay.
At the Jeguk company in Seoul, Secretary Yoon is updating President Kim that the Zeus Hotel contacted him so the president could stay in their hotel when he goes to the US.  The President reveals he heard the owner of Zeus is engaged to RS International.  He asks the secretary if the Zeus owner is acting like a prime shareholder already.  Secretary Yoon gets startled and even stopped walking. When President Kim noticed and asks if there is something wrong, Secretary Yoon says none.  He reveals he will politely refuse the offer and then offers some documents to the president.  Seeing the silent rejection on President Kim, Secretary Yoon says he will just send through email all the documents adding its been a habit for him since he worked for the Chairman.  But President Kim is already annoyed asking who the Secretary Yoon is working for: is it him or the chairman.  But the secretary reveals it has always been Jeguk Group.  At the mansion, President Kim arrives at the room of the Chairman with Madam Han eavesdropping at the door. When Madam Han sees the President, she announces his arrival and tells him that her mother – er – the mother who raised her is inside with his father.  President Kim asks Madam Han making the latter clarify that it is ahjumma just like her ahjumma. Inside, the Chairman and his second wife, Jung Ji Sook, are having a conversation.  The woman reveals she is not going to remove her name in the family registry.  Kim Won enters the room but just ignored the mother who raised him. 
The latter was the first to greet the president adding he never greeted her first.  Before a more heated argument happens, the Chairman stops the bickering of the two.  Then the wife advises that she is leaving.  Chairman Kim tells his son Won that in his upcoming US trip, family is the most important to those business associates he will meet so he should take Kim Tan with him.  But Kim Won refuses saying it is his job and he will take care of it.  However, the Chairman insists adding he is also doing his job.  The Chairman even emphasized that the company is not yet owned by Kim Won.  In another part of the mansion, the mistress and the wife are having an argument.  The Chairman’s wife even said that as long as she lives, Madam Han will stay as a mistress.  Madam Han tries to call her son, Kim Tan, who now describes his mother as someone unfortunate for desiring to have another person’s things. 
Kim Tan is in his bed, writing down his thoughts.  He ignores the call of his mom.
Meanwhile, Cha Eun Sang is telling her mom that she is okay.  She tells some lies so her mother would not worry about her and her sister.  She covers up for her sister Eun Seok who left her after taking away the money sent by their mom.
 Kim Tan is about to enter her room when he heard her talking on the phone.  He ends up listening to her.  When she is done, Kim Tan sees Cha Eun Sang controlling herself from crying.  He takes a deep breath and barges. 
He knocks on the door after Cha Eun Sang asks him why he didn’t know. The young lady is annoyed that he is already inside the room before knocking.  Before Eun Sang could even finish her complaint, Kim Tan presents her a plate of sandwich.  Touched by his gesture, Eun Sang thank the owner of the house but the naughty Kim Tan says no need to thank him because the food is good for her kidneys!
Eun Sang says don’t then Kim Tan changes the subject saying she knows how to lie well. Eun Sang asks why he is eavesdropping, Kim Tan quips that it is nice to hear a woman’s voice inside the house.  Then Kim Tan notice a dollar on the side table, when asks what it is for, Eun Sang explains that it is telephone fees.  Kim Tan tells her she spends a lot of money. 

Cha Eun Sang did not argue but turns to her things and picks up something she immediately gives to Kim Tan – a dream catcher.  She explains that the dream catcher is in exchange for her boarding fee.  Eun Sang adds that she is giving the dream catcher to him instead of putting it in her supposed room. When Kim Tan asks what it is, Eun Sang explains that the dream catcher catches bad dreams and only nice dreams pass through the hole. 
Kim Tan blurts out a question if pretty girls also come in.  Immediately, Eun Sang wants the dream catcher back.  But Kim Tan moved it farther from her advising her to get some rest and finish her food that is good for her kidneys.
Outside, Kim Tan picks up half of the sandwich and hangs his dream catcher by the door.  He looks happy seeing the hanging dream catcher. He just placed his plate on a table and picks up some chips to eat when he notice from the pool side that Eun Sang is fixing her room. 
Eun Sang didn’t notice that she can be seen from the outside. Kim Tan is observing her when she suddenly stops at the foot of the bed to undress.
 To his surprise, Kim Tan suddenly chokes and after another glance at the lady, the young man runs back inside the house.  As he enters the house, his head accidentally touches the dream catcher. 
The next morning, Cha Eun Sang is shocked to find herself in a different room.  Then she remembers.  When she turns her head, Eun Sang’s facial expression changes. 
Cha Eun Sang opens the door at the pool side and smiles as she sees a breathtaking landscape. 
At the second floor, Kim Tan is preparing for school when he sees Cha Eun Sang at the poolside. 
He walks towards the balcony and watches as Eun Sang enjoys the magnificent view around his home.  But more than that, Kim Tan couldn't take his eyes off Cha Eun Sang especially when she smiled at her.
  Later, their paths cross.  Cha Eun Sang enters the house while Kim Tan is running down the stairs to get something at the center table.  When Eun Sang asks where is he going, Kim Tan reveals he is going to school. Eun Sang compliments Kim Tan for being an international student asking further if the schools is similar to those in movies.  Kim Tan jests if the school is like Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  Cha Eun Sang laughs.  Kim Tan noticed that Eun Sang laughs often.  Eun Sang answers that she is curious about what kind of school is there for international students. 
Then she tells Kim Tan to wait for her.  She just needs to prepare and leave.  When asked where she is going, Eun Sang reveals that if Kim Tan is leaving, then she should leave as well.  But Kim Tan tells her to stay until he returns from school.  Kim Tan tells her that her sister’s workplace opens in the late afternoon and there is no bus going to that area. Sensing Eun Sang’s uneasiness, Kim Tan offers her to come to school. 
On their way to school, Kim Tan offers Eun Sang a pair of sunglasses. 
Then Eun Sang tells Kim Tan she will stick her hand out of the window so he should advise if it becomes embarrassing.  Kim Tan permits her to do it just for a minute.  Kim Tan smiles as Eun Sang enjoys touching the wind. The teacher is telling the class that the word becomes meaningful when one puts feelings to it.
  While listening, Kim Tan checks on Cha Eun Sang who is seated at a bench in the garden just across his classroom.  The teacher also tells the class about the ten most beautiful English words in the world as surveyed by the British Council in over 102 non-English countries. It is topped by the word mother.  Kim Tan silently reacts to this and writes down the word mother.  The teacher also asks the class what was the saddest word but it was not revealed in the episode which word it was among those mentioned by the students.
  Outside, Eun Sang is reading her mother’s notebook which says ‘dry cleaning only.’  When the class ends, Tan was asked by his classmate what he is going to do after class.  Kim Tan says he is going home.  His teacher later asks him if he is not going to turn in his essay.  He declines. 
When he leaves the room, Kim Tan is expecting to see Cha Eun Sang but the lady is no longer there.  Tan finds Eun Sang at the stairs near the bulletin board where two Korean girls are talking about attending a Korean night posted on the announcement board. 
Kim Tan asks what she is doing.  She says she is watching kids with good parents.Seeing the announcement about the party, Eun Sang thinks it’s probably nice to attend but Kim Tan tells her it’s not a good party. 
Then Eun Sang bids farewell to Kim Tan as she plans to go to her sister.  Kim Tan asks if she knows her way out, Eun Sang claims she knows but Kim Tan drags her back and accompanies her going to her sister.  Eun Sang reminds Kim Tan that he still have classes.
Kim Tan reveals he doesn’t like his next class so he’d rather skip.  Eun Sang asks what his next class is, Kim Tan says it is Math to which the young lady reveals it’s her favourite.  Kim Tan says she is crazy.  At her sister’s workplace, the supervisor tells them that Eun Seok has already quit her job and even relayed a message that her sister should go back now to South Korea. 
When they left the restaurant, Eun Sang and Kim Tan bump into Stella’s boyfriend who angrily asks for Stella and accused the latter of taking his money. 
With the man’s behavior, Eun Sang tells Kim Tan to hit him.  Kim Tan says she doesn’t need to tell her as he pin down the man with his martial arts skills.  However, two drunken men who are friends with Eun Seok's boyfriend witness the incident from afar and run towards them.
Kim Tan is telling Eun Sang that in the count of three but the young lady grabs his hand to run.  The two big, Caucasian guys run after them but they are too heavy and drunk to catch the young ones.
Kim Tan stops Eun Sang and asks why they are running.  She explains that Kim Tan tells her that after counting to three they will run.  Apparently, Eun Sang misinterprets what Kim Tan.  He wants Eun Sang to stay behind him on the count of three, not run. 
With the two guys nearly approaching them, Kim Tan dares them and teases them as the young couple walks backwards.  When Kim Tan’s phone rings, he checks and sees its Yoo Rachel.  Eun Sang asks what is wrong; Kim Tan mumbles everything is wrong since the previous day. 
Then he tells Eun Sang that he has an order of organic thing since yesterday before he invites her to run again to escape the men behind them. Yoo Rachel is all alone in her room.  When the phone rings, she smirks but her mood changes upon seeing who the person is, her mom.  It was not a perfect conversation for a mom and a daughter.  Yoo Rachel hangs up the phone first.  In Seoul, Youngdo is washing the dishes in their hotel.  Staff are talking about him.  Young Do washes the dishes weekly as part of his requirement as an heir.  However, people are not fond of his personality.  In the middle of dishwashing, a manager accosts Youngdo for not warming the plates.  Brat and a natural braggart, irritated Youngdo tells the manager he should be worried because when he steps in, the manager should use all his experience to search for a new job.  Then a staff member advises the manager that the VIPs are already in the room, which prompts Youngdo to leave his assignment and proceeds to the VIP room.
At the VIP, Hyo Shin is surrounded by his father, uncles and grandfather who are lawyers and now Minister of Justice, chancellor, director and prosecutor.  They were all discussing about Hyo Shin becoming one of them and even the Empire High’s history.  Obviously, the pressure is on Hyo Shin but he just obediently agrees and understands whatever his family says.  There was a knock on the door.  Youngdo appears and greets the VIPs. 
Then he refills the glasses of his guests with water.  When it was Hyo Shin’s turn, Youngdo fills the whole glass with water, almost spilling it.  When Hyo Shin glares up at him, Youngdo explains he looks like someone whose throat is burning.
Then, Youngdo is back in his room. Not long after, someone rang the doorbell.  It’s Hyo Shin. He wants to use the bathroom.   When Hyo  Shin is on his way out, Youngdo teases that his senior didn’t like much the food.  Hyo Shin answer that he used well the bathroom.  Youngdo reminds him that there is restroom at the ground floor.

Hyo Shin retorts that he can’t run into his father while he is throwing up.  Youngdo asks if it’s okay for Hyo Shin to get caught by him.  The senior reveals that if they will talk about secrets, he reminds Youngdo   he knows more about his.
Youngdo laughs and tells that the tone used by his senior in threatening him is nice.  Hyo Shin says it is better when he curse and asks Youngdo if he wants to hear it.
Youngdo raises his hand as he refuses.  Then Hyo Shin leaves the room.  In the US, Kim Tan is a standing near a creek.  He just checked on his phone while waiting for Eun Sang who arrives in time.
She hands Kim Tan a glass of iced coffee.  Kim Tan asks what took her so long and if she go and invent coffee. Eun Sang explains that she came late so Kim Tan could use his time to take his orders.
Eun Sang takes a sip of the coffee she brought and blurts out how delicious the coffee is.  Kim Tan tells her not to over react.  Eun Sang asks him to bear with her since she came all the way to America, she must try Americano before she leaves because if not, she will only have bad memories in the US.

  Kim Tan asks if Eun Sang is sure that she only has bad memories.  Eun Sang thinks for awhile while Kim Tan intently waits for her answer.Then Eun Sang changes the topic and asks Kim Tan how long has he been in the US.  Kim Tan gets annoyed because Eun Sang did not answer directly.  Then she sees a group of tourists taking pictures and says aloud why she didn’t think of it.  Kim Tan tells her is not what he is asking.  Then he asks if she knows the people she is watching.
Eun Sang says she doesn’t know them but knows a way how to contact home.  She asks for his cellphone.  Then Eun Sang logs in to her account.  She asks Kim Tan to show her in case there would be any response.  Kim Tan gets closer to Eun Sang to see what she is doing.  Kim Tan sees Eun Sang sending a message to White Hacker Yoon saying she is in the US.  Kim Tan asks if he is her boyfriend but Eun Sang corrects him that he is a guy who is a friend. Kim Tan tells her to call him because she wouldn’t know when he will reply.  But Eun Sang says her friend recently changed his number.  She adds that his friend would be going somewhere but she is not sure if it is in Korea or somewhere else.  Kim Tan is surprised that Eun Sang is asking for a help from a guy whom she doesn’t know his whereabouts.  What annoys Kim Tan is Eun Sang’s answer – that he is in her heart!  She adds he is someone he respects.  Kim Tan, who is now upset, doesn’t believe the so called respect between the friendship of a girl and a boy.  He asks what if there’s no response from Eun Sang’s friend.  Eun Sang, however, trusts his friend and believes he will reply. 
She is looking on his phone as if any second her friend’s message will come. Totally pissed, Kim Tan walks out! Eun Sang follows him.  Inside the cab, Eun Sang asks for any response from her friend.  An upset Kim Tan shows his phone to Eun Sang for her to see there is no response  yet.  Kim Tan mocks Eun Sang if she is really close to her friend. 
But what Kim Tan learned is that Eun Sang and her friend have known each other almost half of their lives.  Tactless and upset, Kim Tan couldn’t help but ask if they are dating or if they dated before but Eun Sang asks why is he making false relationship in her friendship. 
Knowing she is making a request, Eun Sang humbly asks Kim Tan to think of it as his way of saving a person.  Eun Sang tells Kim Tan that her friend is her last hope adding she will be trusting Kim Tan.  This makes Kim Tan looks more annoyed. 
When they reached the mansion, Kim Tan throws the keys to Eun Sang and tells her to get in first.  He will pick up his car they left at the parking lot.  Alone in the cab, Kim Tan checks the account of his new friend and discovers that her name is Cha Eun Sang.  
Then he scrolls down further and discovers a lot about the woman who has been with him since yesterday. 
Kim Tan who is now back in his car, seems to enjoy what he is doing because the girl who refuses to give her name is no longer a stranger to him now as he reads her entries and learn so many things about her – that she likes thriller movies, she works on several part-time jobs and even discovers the man that makes him “jealous” - Yoon Chan Young, her best friend. Finally, Kim Tan sees the man that is making him annoyed.
The next scenes and posts of Eun Sang are a quite funny as Kim Tan reacts to every word as if he is greatly affected by it.  Looking sad, Kim Tan realizes that these two are probably more than just friends.  Then one of Eun Sang’s posts strikes Kim Tan. 
She posted that she hates that her mother works so hard and she wants the Empire Group to go bankrupt.  Kim Tan is dumbfounded.  He couldn’t understand what he just read when the police officer who holds Eun Sang’s passport knocks on his window.  The police officer apologizes for some misunderstanding to which Kim Tan retorts that it is not the first this misunderstanding happened.  Then he pulls out of the parking lot. 
In Seoul, Lee Bo Na is problematic because her boyfriend Yoon Cha Young hasn’t contacted her yet.  Jo Myu Song makes fun of her and even stress there are sexy women in the US.  But Bo Na retorts that her boyfriend doesn’t think like him.  Then Youngdo enters the room.  Seeing a lonely Lee Bo Na, Youngdo asks what’s wrong.  The young lady tells her friend its none of her business but the toughie guy tells her that her pose reminds him of something.  Lee Bo Na tells his friend to end his interest in her.  But Youngdo says how can he ignore her when she looks pretty.  He then looks at Jo Myung Song whose reaction suddenly becomes serious hearing his toughie friend.  Hearing this, Bo Na thinks she is still indeed a strong contender against those Americans prompting her to call her boyfriend.  On the other side of the world, Cha Young picks the call and talks to his girlfriend.  Hearing a woman’s voice, green-eyed Bo Na questions who is it.  Cha Young tells Bo Na that she is a woman that will put her on the edge.  Irritated, Bo Na tells her bf to put the bitch on the phone but Cha Young tells him that the bitch is on the phone now talking to him.  Cha Young adds he couldn’t study because he miss her so much.  Bo Na tells her bf to check his SNS so he could see the crying selfie she sent.  Cha Young explains he turned it off so he could focus but Bo Na insists.  Cha Young gives in to her request.  Youngdo and Myung Song have been listening to Bo Na’s conversation.  Youngdo blurts out that Bo Na is the only one who can be so clingy yet still be so charming and pretty.  Meanwhile, Cha Young turns on his SNS and discover not just Bo Na’s selfie posts but Eun Sang’s message.  Eun Sang, meanwhile, is on her way out when she hears the door opens.  Without looking, Cha Eun Sang carries her luggage up the stairs and talks to Kim Tan.  She gets surprised to see a woman with expensive high-heeled shoes, skimpy skirt and carrying food.  Obviously, this woman knows the owner of the house.  She is Yoo Rachel.  Cha Eun Sang asks who the girl is but the snooty brat says she should be asking her that question.  Then Cha Eun Sang remembers she is the girl she met at the airport. Cha Eun Sang didn’t answer who she is but asks again who is the person in front of her.  Yoo Rachel introduces herself as the fiance of the owner of the house.  Shocked about what she heard, Eun Sang says the owner of the house is just a high school student but Yoo Rachel tells her that they got engaged the previous year when they were seventeen.  Mad for not answering her, Yoo Rachel reiterates her question about who Eun Sang and what is she doing in their house.  The poor girl explains she had to stay overnight because she had a situation the previous day.  This annoys Rachel more because Eun Sang slept in her fiance’s house.  Eun Sang is telling Rachel that she is about to leave when the latter tells her to stop.  Rachel approaches her and snatches the keys away from Eun Sang’s hands.  When asked why are the keys with her, Eun Sang says she asks Kim Tan to keep her luggage for her.  Thinking she already explained enough, Eun Sang is about to leave when Yoo Rachel steps down and push Eun Sang’s luggage which fell all the way down to the floor.   Worse, the luggage gets broken.  Eun Sang asks what Yoo Rachel did but the wealthy brat just tells the poor lady that its her mistake.  Keeping in mind how helpful Kim Tan has been to her, Eun Sang suprresses her anger and wants to leave. However, for holding the keys without the owner in the house, Yoo Rachel did not allow Eun Sang to leave without checking what’s inside her luggage for things there might be stolen things.   Eun Sang asks what will the brat do if she finds nothing in her luggage, Rachel is sure there is something inside it.  Because she wants to prove she is innocent, Eun Sang opens her luggage but the wealthy brat girl turned the luggage upside down leaving all its items scattered on the floor.  Seeing there is nothing that belongs to the house, Yoo Rachel tells Eun Sang to go after cleaning up the garbage referring to the latter’s things.  Rachel adds that she should quickly leave before Kim Tan returns.  Cha Eun Sang is seated in a bench as she watches people around her before she decides to leave.  In Seoul, Bo Na is problematic that Yoon Cha Young hasn’t contacted her yet despite her selfie posts.  Young Do tells her that none of the boys he knows like crying selfies.  He suggests to posts something that would bare her skin, Cha Young would immediately fly back to Korea.  But Bo Na defends her boyfriend saying he is not like Young Do and Myung Soo.  She wants her friends to apologize but Young Do even tells Bo Na to break up with Yoon Cha Young and date Jo Myung Soo instead.  But Bo Na outright dumps her friend who asks why does she have to dump him thrice.  Still, Myung Soo tells Bo Na that he doesn’t hate her.  Bo Na tells the two guys not to include her in their “relationship” and they should date because they look good together.  The Young do and Myung Soo make fun of each other as if they are in a relationship.  Bo Na tells them she was okay until awhile ago and reminds the boys to have some line.  This prompted Myung Soo to utter that a line is there to cross using Rachel as an example for going abroad to see Kim Tan.  In this regard, Young Do’s expression glooms.  Myung Soo adds that if Bo Na misses her boyfriend, she should go after him and stop bothering them.  Bo Na reminds him not to mention Kim Tan in front of her.  Plus, she is not the only uncomfortable talking about Kim Tan.  YoungDo looks at Bo Na saying Myung Soo is a better fighter than him so he can’t fight him but Myung Soo makes fun of Bo Na saying the lady is a better fighter than him prompting Bo Na to hurl pillows on them. Back in the US, Cha Eun Sang proceeds to a ticketing office.  However, when she is about to purchase her ticket, she discovers she doesn’t have enough money and worse, her passport is still with the police officer.  Meanwhile, Kim Tan cannot believe Eun Sang left.  She asks Rachel, who was arranging flowers at the dining table, details like when and if she left with all her stuff.  Rachel gets mad that they are seeing each other after half a year yet Kim Tan greets her with questions about the girl he just met.  Amidst her litany, Kim Tan pacifies her by saying she became prettier.  Rachels says she knows.  Then Kim Tan continues her questioning regarding Eun Sang.  He asks her if Rachel kicks her out.  Rachel explains that it is the fiance’s authority to which Kim Tan looks exasperated for telling Eun Sang that they are engaged.  Rachel stress that Kim Tan should have informed her about it earlier.  However, Kim Tan answers that Rachel should have allowed Eun Sang to stay so he could have at least introduced Rachel to Eun Sang properly.  Then Kim Tan walks towards the sala, sits down on the sofa and closes his eyes while Rachel asks her if he doesn’t know she is coming, why didn’t he pick her up at the airport, and why not come to Korea if he finds it hot in the US.  Kim Tan answers these questions saying he knows she is coming, the weather was hot to fetch her and Korea is too far.  Getting more annoyed, Rachel asks Kim Tan if he knows that two days from now is the 1st anniversary of their engagement.  When Kim Tan answers yes and nothing more, Rachel reacts negatively and asks why did Kim Tan get engage with her if he is going to act like this.  With his eyes still closed, Kim Tan tells Rachel that he thinks he at least had to be engaged with her so he would not marry her later on.  Before Rachel could even show how furious she is, the doorbell rang.  Kim Tan is checks on who is at the door when he sees Cha Eun Sang, who, upon seeing him, is about to run.  An angry Kim Tan confronts Cha Eun Sang.  He asks where she is going, that Eun Sang should have at least told him that she is leaving.  Now that she is caught, Cha Eun Sang tells Kim Tan that she left a business card of the police offier.  While the two are talking, Yoo Rachel approaches them.  She heard what Eun Sang needs and tells them that she threw it in the one of the garbage cans.  Kim Tan tries to stop Eun Sang but the poor woman says she needs it because of her passport.  Before Kim Tan could say a word, Eun Sang fled towards the entrance.  Knowing how wicked his girlfriend is, Kim Tan asks Rachel if she really threw it away.  But Rachel says she did not even see a single business card.  Kim Tan says he understands that the situation is annoying to Rachel but he explains that the girl cannot leave the US because she lost her passport to a policeman because of him.  Rachel asks what does it have to do with her but her fiance clarifies that it has nothing to do with her but it does with him so she should not interfere.  Then Kim Tan walks out and go after Cha Eun Sang.  When Rachel returns to the sala, she found Kim Tan’s phone and read its new messages particularly of White Hacker Yoon.  Outside, Cha Eun Sang is scavenging the trash cans to find the business card.  Behind her is Kim Tan who asks if she manage to find what she is looking for.  Negative.  Hearing her voice cracking, Kim Tan asks if Cha Eun Sang is crying.  She says she is trying to control it but the situation is always adding introduction and development (referring to her story probably) is so dramatic.  Kim Tan asks what it is.  Eun Sang explains that she has come to the US to live a better life but ends up beside a trash can again, just like back home.  She further asks what kind of life that doesn’t have a twist.  Kim Tan apologizes and tells her to get up.  Eun Sang asks why is he saying sorry.  When she turns around, Kim Tan is handing her  passport.  Happy to find it, she asks Kim Tan a few questions before holding the passport to her heart.  Kim Tan sees a relieved Cha Eun Sang when a taxi pulls over in front of the gate.  Kim Tan grabs Cha Eun Sang and hides behind the trash cans. Cha Eun Sang is puzzled on what’s going on while Kim Tan signals her to keep quiet as he intently watches the foreigners who arrive in his property.  But one of them saw Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang prompting the young ones to escape while two gangsters run after them. 
Initially, Kim Tan is holding Cha Eun Sang in her arm or wrist but there are times that the young couple are holding hands!  Sweet! The gangsters are still after them but Kim Tan manage to hide when they turned a corner, he leads Eun Sang to enter the cinema. 
Inside the cinema, breathless Kim Tan asks what is Eun Sang is looking for.  He adds that she should stop watching scary movies.  Eun Sang retorts if Kim Tan is really a drug dealer and why he is being chased away by some men.  But he said it is not his style. 
He adds that since they are inside the cinema, she tells Eun Sang to watch a movie so he could rest a bit.  Kim Tan relaxed and rests his head on the chair.  Cha Eun Sang is whispering to herself what the characters are saying. 
She couldn’t comprehend completely the lines of the characters in the movie.  Then Kim Tan suddenly translates the lines.  Eun Sang looks at Kim Tan and finds him awake, translating whatever is said on the movie.  Cha Eun Sang is a little surprised that Kim Tan is not sleeping. 
Kim Tan talks further but these lines are no longer included in the movie saying he met a woman whose name is Cha Eun Sang.  Bewildered Eun Sang asks how did  he learn about his name.  But Kim Tan continues saying he is curious about Chae Eun Sang.
  Then Kim Tan looks at Cha Eun Sang and asks “perhaps, do I like her?”

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